Changing Negative Energy into Love, and Finding Purpose

Changing Negative Energy into Love, and Finding Purpose

Annie had a fear of water that she wanted to either release or at least gain understanding about. She also felt a strong urge to control many situations and wanted to gain deeper understanding of the reason for it. She started out unable to see anything, but I helped her through the blocks until information began to surface for her.

J: Can you see anything?

A: No…

I made suggestions for how to allow images to emerge for her, inviting her to feel the ground beneath her or anything around her.

J: Can you sense anything?

A: (nods)

J: What do you sense?

A: Sadness.

J: What’s making you sad?

A: I don’t know…

J: What if you did know? (Pause, waiting) What could it be that could cause the sadness, if you did know?

A: I lost something…

J: What have you lost?

A: (emotional) It’s family…

J: Do you know when this is happening? (she shook her head no) Would you like to know?

A: Yes.

I make suggestions for her to allow the knowledge to present itself.

A: It’s children, I think.

J: Can you sense who you are? Or what you look like?

A: No.

J: Are you male or female?

A: I feel motherly.

J: Do you sense how old you are?

A: No.

J: Do you want to?

She nodded, and I gave her suggestions.

A: I’m gonna say… middle aged? Maybe 30s?

J: And what’s happening right now?

A: I cant… I can’t focus on it.

J: What can you focus on?

A: I feel like I’m in a street.

J: What’s the street like?

A: Stone…

J: Are you with anybody?

A: No.

J: Is there anyone else out there on the street?

A: I feel like I’m alone.

J: Where are you going?

A: I’m lost.

J: Do you still feel that sadness?

A: Yes.

J: Do you still feel it’s related to children?

A: Yes.

J: Do you know why?

A: No…

I gave suggestions to rise above the scene if the emotions became too heavy. She decided she wanted to view it from above.

J: What happens next?

A: I think I lost it… I’m having a really hard time… I feel like I can’t see anything.

I gave suggestions and reassurance, and invited her to tap into the emotions.

A: I think it’s more fear than sadness.

J: What are you afraid of?

A: Fear of losing people.

J: Have you lost people before?

A: I can’t tell if I have or if I’m about to…

J: What do you think it is?

A: Fear of losing people, like I’ve already lost them.

J: Is there a reason you fear losing somebody?

A: I saw a train before. I don’t know if they’re leaving…

I made suggestions to return to the train.

J: Is anyone with you at that train?

A: (emotional) I’m saying goodbye.

J: Who are you saying goodbye to?

A: I can’t tell.

J: What does it feel like?

A: It feels like a … spouse.

J: Where is your spouse going?

A: I can’t tell if it’s off to war or something like that… but they don’t want to go. I don’t want him to go.

J: Is he coming back?

A: I don’t know.

J: Do you have children?

A: I think so.

J: Are they with you?

A: No.

J: What happens next?

A: I feel my body physically… in pain… like losing them… 

J: This pain is an experience we have in our human bodies, but your soul knows that it’s not real, only a temporary experience here. This is somebody that’s with you and will be with you again no matter what. Does your soul know that?

A: (emotional) Yeah.

J: Does that help ease the pain?

A: (nods)

J: What happens next?

A: The train leaves… it's gone…

J: And what are you doing?

A: Crying.

J: And how are you feeling? Besides the sadness and the loss, what else comes up for you?

A: I’m feeling I need to figure it out… what to do next…

J: Do you know what that is?

A: No.

J: Is it okay that you don’t know what that is?

A: (deep breath) Yes.

J: There’s a lot of unknowns. Do you trust that you can figure it out?

A: (deep breath, emotional) Yes.

J: So what happens next? You can condense time if you need to, to move forward to a significant event.

A: I feel very stuck.

J: What’s got you feeling stuck?

A: Emotion.

J: What can help you release that emotion? To help free you, to help you feel unstuck?

A: I don’t know.

J: It’s okay to not know. Just invite whatever needs to happen to come in, to help soften that emotion. Maybe you need to replace it with that sense of trust, that everything will work out. Is there anything else that comes to mind that you could use in this moment? Any feeling or knowledge?

A: No… I think I’ve just gone from it, I think I’ve left it.

J: Okay. Where do you go next?

A: I think I’m reunited with that person.

J: Are you still in that same lifetime?

A: I can’t tell.

J: What does it feel like?

A: It’s comforting.

J: Do you sense he’s back from wherever he went or do you sense it’s something else?

A: I can’t tell… I don’t think it’s the same. It’s different.

J: How does that feel?

A: It’s just comforting. I can breathe again.

J: Can you feel that that lifetime that he left, he wasn’t truly leaving? And remember that he’s never truly gone? That your souls are always connected?

A: (nods)

J: What are you experiencing now?

A: I can’t see anything but I can feel.. Calm. and happy.

J: Good. You don’t have to see anything, just sink into the feelings you are feeling. What happens next?

A: (long pause) it's just a feeling…

J: Do you want to stay with this feeling?

A: (long pause)

J: Or would you like to explore something else?

A: Yes

J: And you can take this feeling with you, wherever you travel. 

I made suggestions to move to a different memory.

A: I feel like I’m home.

J: What’s home?

A: It’s white and quiet… and bright. (Deep breaths)

J: Can you get a sense of who you are, or what you look like?

A: Just feeling everything’s bright.

J: Is this a home in your physical world?

A: I think so.

J: Do you know where you are?

A: No… it’s familiar though. (Deep breath)

J: Is anybody else with you?

A: (long pause) I can’t tell.

J: Can you feel any other presences with you or do you feel alone?

A: I feel… I feel warmth around me… it feels like… someone… or more than one… but I don’t know who they are.

J: Do they feel familiar?

A: Yes. They’re comforting. 

J: Does it feel like family or friends? Or both?

A: Family.

J: What happens next?

A: (long pause, deep breaths) Feels like a hallway I’m supposed to go down.

J: Do you want to go down it?

A: Yes.

J: What happens when you go down that hallway? 

A: I’m walking.

J: What are you feeling?

A: (pause) I’m supposed to go back.

J: Back where?

A: Back to my life. Starting over.

J: How do you feel about that?

A: I’m not ready.

J: Why do you feel like you have to go back?

A: Somebody needs me.

J: Do you know who that is?

A: No.

J: How do they need you?

A: I feel like I’m meant to be… motherly. Taking care of people.

J: What will you gain from that experience?

A: Love?

J: Do you feel love right now?

A: Yes.

J: Would you like to go into that next life?

A: Yes.

J: Do you feel ready?

A: No.

J: That’s okay, maybe none of us really are. Can you trust that you’ll know what to do?

A: (emotional) Yes.

J: Let me know when you arrive at that life, what you experience or what you sense.

A: (long pause) I just feel like I need to protect… my family… 

J: Why do you need to protect them?

A: Just… emotionally protect them. Not necessarily physically.

J: What kind of emotional protection do they need?

A: Just feel like I need to give love.

J: Can you do that?

A: Yes.

J: Is there any other form of protection you think they need?

A: Not that I can feel.

J: Do you trust that they’re strong emotionally on their own?

A: I think they will be.

J: Do you feel strong emotionally?

A: (emotional) Yes.

J: What’s happening in this moment?

A: I feel… like I’m tensing up.

J: Where’s the tension at?

A: I don’t know where it’s coming from.

J: Just feel into it, knowing you’re perfectly safe. See if it has any messages for you. Notice where you feel it in your body. Tension is perfectly safe, it’s just a message. Something for you to learn.

A: (deep breaths)

J: What are you noticing?

A: It’s calming… I’m calming to them… to those around me.

J: Who’s around you?

A: (deep breath) Family?

J: Do you know where you are?

A: No… I feel like I’m meant to be there though. To be calming. (Long pause)

J: What are you noticing now?

A: That was my purpose. 

J: Do you know in what ways you’re meant to be calming?

A: Just feels emotionally. I can be calming to others and that helps them calm too.

J: Do you see yourself doing this?

A: Yes.

J: How does that feel?

A: It feels like it was what I was meant to be. It’s fulfilling.

J: How does it feel to be calm in yourself?

A: It’s harder for me, than to portray onto others. It’s harder for me.

J: Why is that?

A: I… I don’t know.

J: Is there something or a feeling that’s preventing you from being calm on the inside?

A: It’s worry. Worrying about everyone else.

J: What are you worried most about?

A: Worried that I’m not doing enough. Not trying hard enough.

J: Do you think that’s true? That you’re not doing enough or trying hard enough?

A: I don’t want to.

J: You don’t want to what?

A: I don’t want to think that. I don’t want to think that I’m not enough.

J: Do you think that you are enough?

A: No.

J: Why not?

A: I know that it’s there… I just don’t know how… how to get it out of me… to give to others.

J: Do you think that others around you are calm and feeling that calming presence?

A: Yes.

J: You said that was your purpose, so if others around you are feeling calm just by you being around them, then do you think that’s enough?

A: Yes.

J: So can you believe you are enough?

A: Yes.

J: I want you to go back to a moment where you felt like you really weren’t enough. Trace back to the origin of that feeling, and know that you’re perfectly safe. (Pause) Can you feel anything?

A: I’m abandoned maybe? I can’t… I can’t pinpoint why.

J: How old are you?

A: I feel young… childhood.

J: Is anybody with you?

A: A sister maybe?

J: And what’s going on?

A: It’s emotionally… it’s… physically…

J: Why were you abandoned?

A: I don’t feel the emotional safety that I think I should. It’s missing.

J: Where should that emotional safety be coming from?

A: It’s… family.

J: What happened?

A: I don’t… I don’t think they meant for it. I think they just… couldn’t give…

J: Is that your fault?

A: No.

J: Can you forgive them?

A: Yes.

J: Is there anything else going on?

A: (pause) I feel like I carry that feeling growing up.

J: Were you unable to forgive them? And that’s why you carry that feeling? Or was it something else?

A: That’s it. I feel that from everyone, that I should have gotten that from. I feel it from a spouse.

J: That same abandoned feeling?

A: Yes. It feels very intertwined.

J: Is there some way that maybe you’ve abandoned yourself?

A: (deep breaths) I feel I can’t let go… I want to let go of it… I don’t know why I can't.

J: What does it feel like to hang onto that sense of abandonment?

A: I feel understanding of it. That I can… that I know why they are the way they are. And I think I was meant to be the person to handle it.

J: Are you handling it?

A: Trying to.

J: What are you feeling now?

A: I feel like I… like I changed it… like I turned it into something different.

J: What did you change it into?

A: Into love… (deep exhale)

J: Where’s that abandoned feeling at now?

A: I feel like I carry it but, but it’s behind me.

J: Would you like to let it go completely?

A: Yes.

J: How can you do that?

A: (deep breath) Feels like an equation. Like it went through me, and I changed it, and it went out differently.

J: Can you do that with anything?

A: I feel like I’m meant to. (Breathing deeper)

J: Seems you just proved you can. What else are you feeling right now?

A: (breathing very deeply) Feeling lighter. Like I can leave it behind.

J: Good, and what happens when you leave it behind? What happens next?

A: Like I can do what I'm supposed to do now. Better. Like I can see it clearer.

We decided to move on to a different time or place. I asked her to let me know when she arrived.

A: (long pause) Yes, I think I’m there.

J: Can you tell me where you are?

A: I can see myself.

J: What do you look like? Or feel like?

A: Like this… this current life.

J: What are you noticing?

A: It feels very familiar to the last. The last… the last feeling of… of trying to… change… change things into good.

J: Carry that memory and that knowing of how you transformed everything into good, and remember that you’re able to do that with anything in this lifetime too. Is that something you want to do?

A: Yes.

J: Is there something in particular you’re wanting to transform?

A: (deep breaths) It’s just… overwhelming love. Like I need to create more of it. Or change… change things into it.

J: Can you do that?

A: Yes.

J: How can you do that?

A: (deep breath) I feel… like embracing people… I see… I just see my family mostly… 

J: What do you notice about your family?

A: I feel like… they have the same purpose.

J: Do you think they’re doing that?

A: I think they need my help.

J: Can you help them?

A: Yes (emotional)

J: What about your need to control? Does anything come up for that?

A: I feel like I’m meant to be the person to create the path, and I need control for that.

J: Do you feel like you’re doing that the right way?

A: I feel like I’m trying… but I feel like I’m not trying the right way… but I don't know… I don't feel confident that it’s the right way.

J: What does feel like the right way?

A: I don’t know.

J: Can you trust that you do know?

A: (deep breath) I want to.

J: What would it feel like to let go of the need to control? What would it feel like to let go of all control?

A: I don’t… I just don’t feel like I’m meant to have control… 

J: What are you meant to control?

A: I don’t know. I don’t understand it.

J: Are you controlling the right things in life right now?

A: I think so…

J: All the small things that you like to have control of?

A: I feel like I don't understand it.

J: Would you like to?

A: Yes.

J: The answer is there. Maybe not in this present lifetime, and you can go to wherever that answer is. Maybe there’s information in a former lifetime, maybe there’s information beyond. Allow yourself to go wherever that answer is.

A: I just feel like there's always been a lack of control… like I’m trying to make up for the lost time… trying to change… change the course of things.

J: Do you think there was lost time?

A: I think I started out… with no control… and I didn’t like that.

J: What did that feel like?

A: Powerless.

J: What was it that made you feel like you didn’t have control?

A: (deep breath) I keep seeing a bridge.

J: What’s at the bridge?

A: I feel water… under the bridge.

J: What’s happening?

A: I feel like something’s stopping me… from.. From what happened there.

J: What happened there?
A: I can't… (breath)… I just… (breath)… I just feel the lack of control there. I can’t, it’s like a wall, I can't get through it, I can't see.

J: Just allow yourself to feel, and remember you’re safe.

A: (deep breath)

J: Is somebody with you?

A: No.

J: Are you on the bridge?

A: I think I’m by it, I don’t think I’m on it.

J: Are you near the water?

A: Yes.

J: What happens with the water?

A: It’s cold…

J: Are you in it?

A: Yes.

J: How’d you get in it?

A: I don’t know.

J: Were you supposed to?

A: No, and I don’t know what happened, but I’m in it… it’s dark… 

J: What happens next?

A: (deep breathing) I don’t get out.

J: Can you get out?

A: No.

J: What are you feeling?

A: I can’t… there’s nothing I can do.

J: How does that feel?
A: Powerless.

J: What happens next?

A: I don’t see anymore.

J: What happens to you?

A: It’s just black.

J: What are you feeling?

A: Nothing.

J: Then what happens? Move forward to a time that you feel something.

A: I feel… calm… and it gets light again… it’s just open and white… and bright…

J: How do you feel about what happened?

A: Confused.

J: Was it an accident?

A: Yes.

J: Is it ok that that happened?

A: (pause) Yes.

J: What do you feel about what happened, besides confused?

A: I don’t want to feel that again… I feel that I couldn't stop it, I couldn’t get out.

J: Do you know that you don’t have to?
A: Yes.

J: Do you feel safe?

A: Yes.

J: Do you feel you can release everything from what happened? Any fears or worries or concerns? Transform that energy into love like you know how to do. (Pause) What are you feeling?

A: I feel… I feel like that vessel again… like it’s behind me but it goes through me, and I change it. I change the… the feeling… (deep breathing)

J: Allow yourself to keep changing it until it’s all gone, all transformed into the love and calm.

A: (deep breathing)

J: And allow yourself to release.

A: (deep breathing)

J: How are you feeling now?

A: Feels brighter… everything around me is just… just brighter.

J: Do you feel like there’s anything else you need to learn? Or anything else you need to do?

A: I feel like I’m meant to learn. Keep learning.

J: Can you do that?

A: Yes.

J: Are you ready to come back?

A: Yes.

This was a powerful session, in which I could really feel the energy she was moving and shifting in the room. This session is a great example of how Expanded Healing Hypnosis can take many shapes and forms — you never know what you’ll experience, whether it’s a past life or something beyond, and whatever needs to be healed or addressed, your subconscious will present it to you.

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