Restoration by a Creek

Restoration by a Creek

Jennifer wanted to have a session out of curiosity. It wound up being rather unique, and was an example of how I believe every session is exactly what the client needs.

At the time of the session, Jennifer was always on the go and always very busy with work or with her family. It seemed finding time to take care of herself was difficult — I was surprised she made this session fit in her busy schedule!

Once in the trance, Jennifer didn’t arrive on the ground right away. I asked if she could see anything around her and she said she felt open. She didn’t necessarily connect with a body right away; she felt as though she was floating. I asked if she felt pulled to go anywhere, and she said, “Home.” I asked her if she knew where home was, and after a long pause, she said, “I don’t know.” I asked if she ever knew where or what home was, and again, after a long pause, she said, “No.” I asked if she knows what home would feel like, or what she’d like it to feel like. She was silent for a long time, so I asked if anyone was with her, or if anyone could be with her that might bring her a sense of “home.” Again, no answer. I asked her if she could describe what she’s feeling or experiencing. No response.

I asked if she knew where she was, and she said no, followed by a very mumbled, “I don’t know.” I asked if she was feeling any emotions, and she said, “Calm.” I asked if she was enjoying the calm, and she said, “Mm hmm.” I invited her to allow that calmness to nurture and heal her body.

This session didn’t go the way the client expected; however, like I said earlier, I believe every session is exactly what the client needs. When she said she felt “calm,” I immediately sensed that this session was to give her a break and bring her a sense of peace, and offer her some quiet in her busy life.

I suggested that she keep that sense of calm with her, and always remember that she can tap into it any time she feels life getting busy.

I then guided her to move into a different life, or a different memory, at some point along her soul’s journey.

She finally connected with a body, which she described as a young girl with ponytails wearing a plaid dress. She also noticed other kids around her, and a field. I asked her who the other kids were, and she said they felt like friends, not siblings. I asked her what else she noticed, and she said she’s running around, which felt happy and fun.

I had a hard time transcribing this session, as I recorded it with my phone before I got microphones, and she was a client who went very deep into hypnosis. Her voice was very quiet and mumbled in her deeply relaxed state, so transcribing it was a bit challenging.

I asked if she had parents and she grew emotional and said no. I asked her if she ever knew them, and she said no. I asked if she lived with the other kids, to which she said yes. I was getting the impression this was an orphanage type setting, but didn’t get confirmation from her.

I tried asking her more questions about the kids. She didn’t know their names, but she liked playing with them. I didn’t seem to be getting much more information from her, so I asked if she’d like to move to a significant event in that lifetime. After a long pause, she said, “I guess.” So I reminded her she has complete control over where she'd like to go or what she’d like to see, and to allow it to come to her and trust that she knows the answers.

Another long pause, and she finally said she saw friends around her, and that she was in a house. I asked if she could describe what else she saw around her, and she finally said she saw mountains with snow on them. Another long silence, so I asked about her friends and if anyone else was around them, and she said she felt like there were other people with them, too. I asked if some sort of occasion was going on, or why everyone was there together, but she didn’t answer. After another pause, she said they were gathered around a fireplace, so I asked if it was cold outside, and she said yes. I asked if she could describe herself or anyone else and she said she could only see their heads.

She said she thinks these people have been friends with her for a long time. She felt like she was somewhat young, she didn’t get the sense that she had a husband or kids. There wasn’t much more she had to say, so I asked if she wanted to move to a different point in time. Finally she said she’d like to move.

I guided her to a new memory or significant event, and asked her to describe what she was experiencing once she arrived. The first thing she said was that she got a puppy. Her voice had shifted to a more youthful tone as she said that her puppy was fluffy. I asked her more about the puppy, and she said the neighbors gave it to her because their dog had puppies. I asked if she knew how old she was and she said she couldn’t tell. I asked if she was at home and she said yes, and I asked if she had a family and she said, “A mom and dad.” I asked her what they were like, and she said, “They told me not to go too far with the puppy.”

There didn’t seem to be anything significant happening, and I was getting the impression this session was to bring her to more relaxing, simpler experiences, and give her a much needed break from her busy life.

After asking if she’d like to move on, she said, “Sure,” and that she’d like to go home. We still had a little bit of time left for the session, and I wanted to see if I could help her get to where she could experience a significant memory, so I asked her where home was. She didn’t have an answer for me, and remained silent for a while. I tried asking a few more questions, like if she noticed anything or felt anything, but was still met with silence.

I asked if she arrived anywhere, and finally she said she’s sitting by a creek. I asked if she was alone, and she said yes. I asked what she was doing by this creek, and she said, “Just sitting.” I asked if she comes to this creek often, and she said yes. I then asked her how it felt to be there, and she said, “Calm.” I asked if there was anything she’d like to do while she was there, and she said, “Skip stones.” So I said to go ahead and do that. After a while I asked if she’d like to stay there or go somewhere else, and she said she wanted to stay. At this point I was convinced this whole session was just for peace and rest, and so I gave her suggestions to allow this moment to heal her and nurture her, and to take as long as she needed at this creek.

I let about ten minutes go by before I asked her if she was still at the creek, and she said yes. So I asked her if she’d like to stay there longer and she said she thinks she’s ready to go. I invited her to return to the cloud, and take the peaceful and calm feelings with her that she experienced during the session. Since we had a little bit of time left I invited her to let that cloud take her to another memory.

She arrived at her present lifetime, the memory of a family trip while taking her daughter to college. She said she felt proud, and then she laughed and said she’s beating them at pinball. Again, she was visiting positive memories, a very quiet and healing experience for her busy mind.

After I asked if she felt she got everything she needed from the session, she said yes, and confirmed that there was nothing else she needed to see, so I brought her back. The first thing I mentioned when she was alert and reoriented in the room was the creek, and she said she didn’t remember a creek! This was the second time I’ve experienced a client who was unable to remember part of the session, which to me says they were pretty deep in the trance.

She was a little disappointed that she didn’t go farther into any memories or get to see any more than what she saw, but I told her that I felt this session really was exactly what she needed, which was a moment for some calm and quiet. She said she’d like to try it again sometime, so I encouraged her to find moments throughout her day or week to pause, schedule in time for her to do nothing, and give herself those opportunities to just be. Hopefully our next session will show her more! Since then, however, it seems as though she’s managed to slow down, and has also begun making time for her own self-care.

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