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Unleash Your Inner Phoenix!

Each of Jami Christine's services and products have been tailored to aid you on your spiritual journey. Have questions? DM Jami on Instagram @JamiChristine11 and we'll set you on the right path!

Spiritual Life Coaching | 60 Minute Session

Life Coaching is an amazing service that helps you build the tools to overcome obstacles, reduce anxiety, and reach your goals. Spiritual Life Coaching takes this a step further, helping you understand the meaning behind your obstacles, and connecting you with your deeper purpose in this life. This 60-minute session can help further your understanding of the real YOU.

The Interactive Journaling Method

Looking for personal development and growth without having to leave your living room? Well look no further! Jami's Interactive Journaling Method will allow you to dig deep and reflect the way toward your inner Truth!

The Transcendent | Jami's Book

The work that inspired it all! The Transcendent helps readers of all ages start their spiritual growth journey. Jami's book is available via her website and Amazon by clicking HERE.

Past-Life Regression | 90 Minute Session

The Past Life Regression experience both serves to satisfy curiosity, as well as offer healing and insight on a deeper level of your soul’s journey. Explore the lives your soul has lived through this unique form of hypnosis, gaining insight to your soul’s mission and purpose, and the origins of your interests, hobbies, mental blocks, limitations, fears, phobias, and more!

Weekly Journal Prompt Newsletter

Through this newsletter, journal prompts will be provided along with Jami's insight to help you cultivate the tools you need to access your own intuition, find deeper meaning and purpose in your life, and come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness of any challenges life may have presented you with. Each newsletter is delivered weekly through email. 

Workshops | Coming Soon

We're continuing to work on new ways to help you jump-start your spiritual journey! We'll update this section after we've announced Workshops and open up availability for scheduling.