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    Ignite Your Spiritual Growth

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Ignite Your Spiritual Growth

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Better You

Chart Your Journey to Emotional Freedom

You're Here Because...

...You’re looking for the next step in your journey. Maybe you’ve recovered from a tragedy. Maybe you’re beginning to emerge from a Dark Night of the Soul. Maybe you’ve felt lost or trapped or stagnant and you know there’s more to life than what shows on the surface. Maybe you know you’re meant for something bigger, but you need some guidance on how to find it.

Meet Your Guide

Jumpstart Your Spiritual Journey...

Do you find your inspiration through reading about other’s journeys of healing and growth? Jami’s Novel, The Transcendent, may be the tool you need to propel you on your own journey. Not much of a reader? Jami Christine offers life coaching services on Zoom, or via her Interactive Journaling Method, to help you through your blocks and obstacles so that you can more easily meet your goals, or make sense of the challenges you’ve experienced in life to help you deepen your connection with your soul. Just curious about the deeper layers of You? Past Life Regression may be the experience you’re looking for!


"My experience with Jami was wonderful! I did not know what to expect going into my session but I came out feeling like a whole new person ready to tackle my obstacles! I truly trust Jami so I think that helped a lot. I have a lot of anxiety and stress so that's why I signed up for her service. I could tell within a day how much she helped my anxiety. I was calmer, ready to take on any stressor thrown my way. I will definitely be coming back for other sessions!"

- Bridget M

“I enjoyed the whole experience! I am so grateful for the universe lining us up!”

- S. R.

"The thing that I liked best about the whole experience overall is that I felt no pressure. I was completely at ease and trusted Jami 100%. There was no pressure for it to be successful. I knew that she would continue to support my path, my choices, and my experience. Most importantly she would be there to continually help, guide, and support me to move to a successful outcome.

- J. J.

Jami is a very positive and calming person, so I instantly felt that radiate into myself. I have felt a difference in my attitude since our session and am working to incorporate it into other aspects of my life. On a recent trip with my family, I only had to remind myself a few times to live more in the moment and enjoy what I have instead of thinking about the future. Being more present and taking it all in. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Jami and to see where this takes me.

- Quinn J.

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Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime

Climb Your Mountains

     You know what it's like to be at a low point. Now you're ready to climb out of it. For the soul-searcher who finds their inspiration through connecting with others' stories of growth and enlightenment, The Transcendent is for you. Fast-tracking that growth and enlightenment can be found in the guidance of a Spiritual Life Coach, and Jami Christine is ready to lead you to that mountaintop.

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Find - And SHINE - Your Inner Light

    You know that light is in there. Maybe it's hidden by old limiting beliefs. Maybe it's buried under experiences that have conditioned you to keep it hidden. Remember, those experiences happened FOR you, not TO you. Jami Christine is here to help you realize what a gift your challenges are, and rise to meet your true potential so that you, too, can let your light shine.

Where Would You Like to Go from Here?

Anywhere you want to go! And if you're not sure where that is, then Life Coaching might just be the answer you're looking for. Not only can you develop the skills to navigate life's obstacles, and the wisdom to apply where you've been to where you are now, but you will be given the unique opportunity to chart your own map to where you'd like to go, to actualize the person you want to become. Life Coaching is a partnership to help you find purpose, and direction towards fulfilling that purpose.

Visit Jami Christine on YouTube as well as on Transcend, a podcast for opening minds, expanding consciousness, and raising vibration.

If you have a message to share and would like to be a guest on Transcend, or for any questions or comments, email Jami Christine at jamichristinecoaching@gmail.com.