Jami Christine

Transcend Your Story: A Guide to Transforming Your Healing Journey into an Inspirational Novel

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Get your story out of your heart and into the hands of those who need it!

So you've been through a life-altering event. Finding strength deep inside, you’ve survived your Dark Night of the Soul, done the inner work to heal, and learned the lessons that helped you grow into a stronger, wiser person. Now you’re ready to share this transformational story, to inspire others through their own trials. There’s just one problem: you don't know how. You’ve always loved the thought of writing a novel but honestly have no idea how to even start a book, much less complete one. How do you bring the events from your real life into a captivating story that resonates with real people? How do you make it all make sense? How can it inspire your readers’ healing journey?

In Transcend Your Story, Jami Christine, Spiritual Life Coach and author of The Transcendent, answers all of these questions! She combines her passions for writing and emotional healing to guide you through the process of:

  • Understanding the gifts and lessons from your life experience or Dark Night of the Soul
  • Finding metaphors in those gifts and lessons to begin constructing your novel
  • Getting in touch with your inner creative voice to express it confidently
  • Crafting a moving, personal story that both inspires and entertains readers
  • Actually completing a novel - a huge accomplishment you can be proud of!

Your experience and the lessons you learned from it are important, and your message is needed! If you’re ready to tell your story in a way that heals, inspires, captivates, and entertains, then join Jami and Transcend Your Story now.

Each copy of Transcend Your Story purchased here will be signed by the author!