Jami Christine

The Transcendent

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A journey of spiritual growth...

Seventeen-year-old Lessie Morrison has endured her fair share of car accidents, falls, and house fires, but not in the ways one would think. She is gifted with the unique - and unwanted - ability to leave her body behind as her spirit assists a departing soul to The Other Side who happens to be dying alone. As if high school isn’t hard enough for an unpopular teen.

The passing of her only mentor, her grandmother, who happened to share her ability, leaves Lessie with nobody to answer her endless questions as she navigates life with her strange ability. Especially the questions that arise when she’s faced with a pretty serious situation of being called to a reluctant soul: can she bring someone back to their body, and defy death?

As it would turn out, she can.

But coming back from the dead comes with a cost - not only a broken body but broken dreams. Lessie is faced with the question: was bringing someone back to life their second chance, or did she meddle in cosmic forces she should have known better than to touch?

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The Transcendent helps readers of all ages start their spiritual growth journey. Want to learn how you can transform your own healing journey into an inspirational novel? Jami's book, Transcend Your Story: A Guide to Transforming Your Healing Journey into an Inspirational Novel may be just the tool you need!

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