A Download of Light

A Download of Light

Ginger came to me wanting to gain more insight to her purpose and to find out if there’s more she could be doing along with the healing work she was already offering. This was yet another session that shows how Expanded Healing Hypnosis will always go in the direction the client needs, not necessarily in the way we expect. No matter how much I guided her toward different experiences, she’d continue to go in her own direction.

I took her through the cloud visualization that I often use, and guided her to arrive somewhere that would be significant to the understanding she was hoping to gain.

J: Can you see anything?

G: I’m seeing like… I'm seeing like faces… group of people like u-shaped

J: Can you describe these people?

G: No, I can't see their faces.

J: How do they feel, being in their presence?

G: It's good.

J: Do you know these people?

G: No, now it's like I'm rising above and it's just… lots of people, like a circular format.

J: And what else is going on?

G: That image kind of is dissipating right now.

J: Is it changing into something else?

G: It's like very cloudy. I'm just seeing white clouds.

J: What do you notice about you? Do you have a body?

G: I don't see myself. I'm just observing.

J: What else are you observing besides the clouds?

G: Just see a light coming in from the left.

J: What's the source of that light?

G: It just looks like sun.

J: What happens next?

G: The light is getting brighter…

J: What are you noticing in yourself? Is that why it gets brighter?

G: I feel energy. It’s warm. High vibration.

J: And what is that energy doing for you?

G: It just feels good.

J: Would you like to stay here a little longer or go somewhere else?

G: Let's go somewhere else.

I brought her back to the cloud to travel somewhere else, then asked what she saw this time.

G: I'm seeing light again.

J: Is there anything different about this light this time?

G: Um... It started as a heart, and now it's just streaming.

J: What does that mean to you?

G: Love.

J: Is there any messages or wisdom or insight that you're receiving from this light?

G: My heart area is really warm.

J: Sink into that feeling. Notice if anything else comes up, too. Are you noticing anything else?

G: Different patterns of light.

J: Would you like to describe them? Or continue to observe? (pause) What are you noticing now?

G: It, um... It's a light changing. From shapes to like streaming.

J: And what are you receiving from this light?

G: Feels… healing.

J: What is it healing?

G: I feel it in my body.

J: Would you like to stay here longer and receive this healing or would you like to move into something else?

G: Stay here just a little bit.

J: Okay. When you're ready, let me know.

G: (after a pause) Okay, I'm ready.

I gave her the options to visit past life memories or meet a spirit guide, angel, or higher being. She wanted to meet a higher being. So I invited her to return to the cloud and guided her to find a sacred place where she can meet a being of the highest love and light. I asked her to describe what she was seeing or experiencing.

G: I don't see anything. It's just still very light. It's very peaceful.

J: Do you feel you're in a physical location? Or are you just surrounded by light?

G: I'm trying to put myself in a physical location.

J: If it feels right to stay in the light, you can stay there. Or if it feels more comfortable. Would you like to stay in the light or would you like to try to put yourself in a location?

G: I'd like to put myself in a location.

J: If you were to be in a physical location, what would it look like? What kind of setting would it be?

I asked her several questions to get a description of where she was. She said she was in nature, in an open field with a tree line behind it. It was very green and she noticed birds. She described it as peaceful. She was sitting on a bench with her bare feet in the grass. I then asked her if she’d like anyone to join her, to which she said yes, so I asked her to call in whoever she’d like. I guided her through suggestions to allow this being to take shape next to her, or to pull from the memory of a meditation she had recently done where a being appeared to her. I then asked her if she noticed anything.

G: I notice, it feels like my right hand was just giving a lot of… like someone's there.

 J: What do you notice in your right hand?

G: A lot of energy. Spark of energy.

J: Can you see someone there or just feel someone?

G: Just feel someone.

J: And what do they feel like? Do they feel familiar or safe?

G: Very safe, warm. It's like a pulsing vibration.

J: Do you sense male or female or something neutral?

G: I sense female.

J: Does she have any kind of a color? Maybe an aura?

G: White, very white. Bright white.

J: Can you sense an age?

G: No.

J: Does she have a body? Or is she just light?

G: It's light.

J: Would you like her to remain as light? Or would you like to ask her to take form? Something that you can see?

G: I'd like to see her.

J: Go ahead and ask her to take a shape or take a form, something that you can see. Let me know what you see as that shape takes form next to you.

G: My left ear is ringing.

J: What else do you notice?

G: It feels like she's left.

J: Were you ready for her to go?

G: I'm trying to connect with the vision that I had.

She was referring to the being from her meditation.

J: Describe that vision to me.

G: It was a beautiful blue being. A very angelic- like, with dark hair.

J: Did this being have a face?

G: Yes.

J: Can you see that face?

G: Everything's just coming in as light.

J: Can you still see that being? The blue being?

G: So it's like, faces are trying to come in, but not real clear. Right now I'm just seeing... like a really background soft light with, it looks like stars, it's just like dots. It's not the streaming light like it was.

J: Are the stars all around you?

G: Yes.

J: Can you still see those faces?

G: Very, very faintly.

J: Can you ask them who they are? Just notice what comes to you when you do? 

G: Just say it out loud?

J: You can, or you can think it. And allow the answer to come to you either as a voice that you can hear or just a knowing. What are you noticing?

G: It's all light. That's what I'm seeing.

J: Are the beings still there?

G: Very, very faintly.

J: Are you able to receive any messages from them?

G: I just got the feeling of being guided. But nothing specific.

J: So do you think these are your guides?

G: Yes, I think some of them.

J: Can you imagine them coming closer to you, getting a little clearer? Let me know when they come closer. Are they still with you?

G: They are, but I can't see them.

J: Do they not want to come closer? Or maybe, instead, notice what you're feeling inside yourself. Tune into your body. Notice any feelings, either physical or emotional. Do you notice anything?

G: Feels peaceful.

J: Would you like to stay here longer or would you like to try to connect with that blue being or would you like to go somewhere else?

G: Let's try somewhere else.

J: Okay. Would you like to try to explore a past life?

G: Yes.

I guided her back onto the cloud and brought her through the technique to travel into a past life.

G: So I just notice houses and houses, I'm always floating above them, trying to get grounded.

J: What do you notice about these houses? Can you describe them to me?

G: I'm so far away from them.

J: Why do you think you're so far away?

G: I think I'm above them. I'm above looking down, to houses and the land.

J: Is there a reason you're above them?

G: I don't know.

J: Do you think you live in one of those houses?

G: No.

J: Do you want to? Do you feel a connection to any of the houses?

G: No.

J: Why do you think you might have arrived here?

G: I don’t know.

J: If you did know, what do you think the answer would be?

G: I don't know, and I'm seeing like a lake. Shadows of trees and a lake.

J: Okay. Are you still floating above that, or are you down in it?

G: I'm closer to the ground.

J: Okay. Is this lake and these trees familiar to you? Like somewhere you've been before? 

G: Hmm-mm.

J: Have you arrived on the ground?

G: I am. Everything seems very abstract. It's not real clear. And it's changing… Now it's like a road with just trees and trees and trees.

J: Do you want to go down that road?

G: Yeah, let's do it. I'm moving back from it right now, like going backwards instead of forwards.

J: Okay, go ahead and go backwards. Where are you going backwards too? What are you noticing?

G: That I'm moving forwards now, down the same road. With the trees, it's autumn time.

J: What are you feeling?

G: I'm just moving down the road, no strong emotions. Now my left ear is like ringing really high. Does that mean anything?

J: It means whatever it means to you. And it rang when that being was with you on the bench. So perhaps that being is with you again. Do you sense her presence? (pause) Are you still on the road? 

G: No.

J: Where are you now?

G: It's like I'm sitting in a big flower.

J: Describe that flower to me.

G: It's yellow, center. I can see the edges. It's like an orange-red color, petals.

J: Do you notice anything else about this flower, or maybe about how you feel?

G: I feel really good. 

J: What would you like to do with this flower?

G: It feels like it's energizing me.

J: Would you like to stay with this for a little while?

G: Just for a little bit. My body, like, feels… Like floating.

J: Stay with this feeling for as long as you need to. Allow the energizing to take place. Feel free to describe anything. When you're ready, let me know.

G: My ears are still ringing, and the left side of my body is... My right side feels like it's somewhat paralyzed, floating? And I can feel that going on with my left side now. The legs, now the arms. But I'm just seeing flowers. Lots of them.

J: What do flowers represent to you?

G: Flowers represent love to me. Love, life.

J: And is that what those flowers are bringing to you in this moment?

G: Yes.

J: And what can you do with that love and life that they're bringing to you? 

G: Like I'm getting energized so I can go help other people.

J: And you're already doing that too. Let me know if you feel anything change, or when you're ready to move on. Take as long as you need.

G: My ears are… frequency's going up, so I'd like to see if there's any more of that.

J: Yeah. Let me know what you notice. 

G: I’m seeing different colors now. Green. Dark blues, purples. They're like speckles. But they're all together. The colors are all together. They're not dispersed within one another. And my ears are not done anymore, just stay the same.

J: And what do you think these colors mean? What are they bringing you?

G: I don't know, they make my body feel warm. The blue is flashing a lot.

J: Would you like to stay with these colors a little longer?

G: Just a little bit longer. (long pause) Okay, I'm ready.

J: Would you like to return to the cloud or would you like to return to that road that you were on and see where it goes?

G: We can return to the road.

J: Feel your feet on the ground, notice the trees around you, notice this road stretching out before you. Have you arrived back on the road?

G: Yes, yes.

J: And are you standing still? Are you moving in any direction? Or do you notice anything else?

G: I am moving slowly forward, but the sky is different. It's all colored this time. 

J: What do you think that means?

G: I don't know.

J: Would you like to see where this road goes?

G: Yes, I'd like to see where the road goes. My vision keeps turning upwards instead of the road now. I’m trying to stay on the road.

J: Well, if there's something up there that you need to see, allow it to present itself to you.

G: So just let it happen.

J: You can let it happen, or if you'd like to condense time to where you find yourself. yourself at the end of the road Wherever it leads to you can do that too You still being drawn to the sky?

G: Yes.

J: Have you noticed anything change?

G: No changes, it's a... orange and red color. Like a sunset? Yeah, the whole sky's filled with it.

J: Are there any clouds, or moon, or stars? Or sun? What are you noticing now?

G: I was looking at the sky, but then it took me closer to a rocky mountain formation. And it's like a... just showing me the sights of the rocks. There's really no colors.

J: Why do you think it brought you here?

G: I don't know.

J: Are there any people or houses or anything nearby?

G: I can't see any.

J: Do you notice anything else here at the mountains?

G: No.

J: Would you like to stay here or see if anything happens next?

G: Yeah, it's just like showing me the same scenes like… I mean they're different but I'm just seeing the rocks and the slopes.

J: Why do you think you might be shown this?

G: I don't know.

J: What do mountains mean to you? What do they represent?

G: Mountains are peaceful. Any sort of nature, anything natural.

J: Do you think these mountains are supposed to bring you peace?

G: Yes.

J: How can you receive peace from mountains?

G: By just being, being.

J: And how can you bring this peace into your everyday life?

G: By being.

J: Before the session you asked if there's anything more that you could be doing. Do you feel that there's anything more or do you feel that just being is enough? (long pause) What are you noticing now?

G: Blue lights, it's like… behind a… it's like a fence.

J: And what are you noticing about this blue light?

G: It's just blue light that's like spots and sparkling, and it gives me… it gives my physical body energy. I can feel it.

J: What does it feel like?

G: It feels like a really high frequency running through me.

J: Would you like to stay with this feeling for a little while?

G: Yeah. (long pause) We can move on.

J: Would you like to go back to that road?

G: Yeah, we can try the road again.

J: The road seems to be bringing you to different visions. Each vision seems to mean something each time. Go ahead and move forward on that road. If you notice anything else come up, just observe it. Follow it, or perhaps you can condense time to where you've arrived at the end of that road and see where it's bringing you. What do you notice while you're on that road?

G: The colors are, uh, the colors are like more on the road now. They're not real bright, they're more faded, like more… I would describe them as pinkish pale… pale pink, and oranges.

J: Are you standing still or are you moving forward?

G: Moving forward.

J: And does anything about the scenery change as you move forward?

G: I gotta get back on the road. The blue light keeps coming in too. Switching to that.

J: What else is on this road?

G: It's hard to tell, it's like it just goes like fully into the light, the trees disappearing. I keep seeing light.

J: Would you like to stay with this light?

G: This one's just showing me colors. It's not, um...  I'm not feeling the transmission like the other ones.

J: What do you think it is that's showing you these colors and light? 

G: Higher power.

J: Do you feel the presence of that higher power?

G: Yeah.

We were getting closer to the end of the session, so I asked if there was anything she’d like to experience before returning to her physical body.

G: I'm just gonna relax and see what comes.

J: Okay. Feel free to share what you notice.

G: So I'm just seeing really tall, like rock walls. It's got… like I'm looking at a corner of it. It’s like in a 90 degree angle and there's just light pouring down through it. Streams of it. It's white. It's white light.

J: What do you think the rock wall means to you?

G: It's now moving down to the base of this really tall mountainous wall.

J: And what's at the base of it?

G: I see trees and greenery, like the light shining on all of it, like the earth is healing. That's what it represents to me.

J: What else are you feeling from all of this? 

G: I've got tears coming out, but I'm not feeling sadness. I'm not... It's just like, it's just water coming out of my eyes.

J: Energy's moving. Allow it to move. What are you noticing now?

G: I'm noticing that, it’s showing me at the bottom, at the bottom of the this mountainous wall there's like a… it's moving back and forth like this ridge and it's showing just the wall like a grayish brownish color and it's showing speckles of that blue light, and it's moving through it.

She didn’t describe anything more, and we had come to the end of the session. I asked if there was anything else she’d like to receive from this place, and she said she felt that she’d seen what she needed to see this time.

This was the most light I’ve had a client experience in a session, and since she’s already an energy healer, I believe her energy was being charged and heightened so that her work could be that much more powerful. Definitely a powerful session!

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