A Strange Being Healing the Earth

A Strange Being Healing the Earth

Lannaa came into the session wanting to understand why she has migraines, as well as learn a bit more about her purpose. She’s a healer friend of mine with a very creative, beautiful soul, and I’ve always found her to be an inspiration. I’ve learned so much about the metaphysical world we live in through my years of knowing her, and I love that she’s kept a youthfulness about her as she’s grown older, which is one of the many ways she inspires me. Her past lives and glimpses into the spirit realm in her session definitely shined a light on that!

Her creative mind shone through in this session, and she was very connected to her mind’s eye. She began sharing what she was seeing and experiencing as soon as she came down from the cloud.

L: While it seems like the view that I saw as I’m landing, kinda like from an airplane you can see the ground as you’re beginning to land… so my acknowledgement of coming to the earth starts like that. There’s lots of green patches of various colors forming… forests… okay so now I’m landing, and the first thought reminds me of… the story of the Chronicles of Narnia where you land and there’s this beautiful… the trees are just really pretty and there’s ponds of water and they’re just really sparkly. So at the moment I'm just looking around. 

J: Does this place feel familiar to you?

L: I don’t know… it’s… kind of… the trees are important because I always have thought of trees as alive and like… kind of talking to each other and us. And so I honor the trees. So I'm appreciating the trees. And it’s daylight… it’s bright, but not overly bright… It's like a comforting forest. And I'm there by myself. I don’t really have any other humans around me.

J: What do you look like?

L: Hmm. (pause) I’m not sure… young-ish. Possibly a boy. About 10. 11 or 12 at the most. So I'm feeling an innocence. An awe, at this forest.

J: Would you like to stay here and take it in some more, or would you like to see what’s happening next?

L: We can go somewhere else.

I moved her to the next event.

L: It’s kind of like the innocence of Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh, that’s a good way to explain how I feel.

J: Nice. What does that feeling mean to you?

L: Hmm. Christopher Robin’s character is giving and honest, and happy, and completely accepting of all of his playmates in his story, so that’s how I see Christopher Robin, like a pure soul.

J: And how do you see yourself in comparison to that?
L: Oh I could totally be Christopher Robin.

J: Do you feel like you’re embodying that character in this present life?
L: Perhaps… Perhaps so. Even the Eeyores. I still love the Eeyores, just don’t have to hang around them very often (laughs). Yeah, I would say that’s a good analogy.

J: Let’s go back to this boy in the forest. And what’s he doing now?

L: Oh, still looking around. Just kinda smiling and looking at all the glory of the forest and there’s maybe a waterfall in the distance and it’s really, really beautiful.

J: Is this a place that physically exists on our earth with us?

L: Mostly likely. It feels earthy, it looks earthy, it doesn’t look different. It’s not a place I’ve actually been to, it’s more of a conglomerate of images of beautiful forest.

J: Perhaps this is a sacred space you’ve created in another plane of reality, and you can come here anytime you wish?
L: Yeah.

J: Would you like to stay here and explore it some more or would you like to stay in this memory of this boy, this embodiment of this boy?
L: No, it seems pretty content.

I invited her to return to the cloud where she could travel to a different memory or experience.

L: Okay. Well, I’m on some… marble steps… like massive, kind of like maybe the Greek era, ‘cause there’s columns behind me and around me.

J: Are there any people with you?
L: Hmm. No… I’m still trying to figure out these steps. I’m sitting on them… okay, so, lookin’ around… I think I’m scared to look around, it’s like I'm stuck right there.

J: Why would you be scared to look around?
L: I don’t know.

J: Can you look at yourself? See what you look like?

L: Hmm… Well, I’m not a child, it’s looking like I'm more of a grown-up. And I don't know if I'm male or female yet. It’s like I'm not sure if I should be here, it’s like there's a hesitance, it’s weird.

J:Does this feel like it’s your home?

L: No. It’s maybe more like a public place. Alright, I'll try to look around. Well, at least it’s day (chuckles).

J: What were you doing before you got here?

L: Well, just comin’ off that cloud, so before I landed, I was just floating on that cloud, and I just landed on the steps, so…

J: So this is the moment you entered that memory, was anything happening around this area, these columns, these marble stairs, before your consciousness entered from that cloud?

L: No, it seemed like a quiet moment, like it was not… busy… I don't know.

J: Do you feel any sense of purpose as to why you’re here?

L: (heavy sigh) Nothing that’s coming to me… yet… But I keep looking down at my legs, like i’m sitting, and I do have on like a toga thing, and sandals, so my legs look more male. I’m just lookin’ down at my knees and my feet. And I don't wanna look up. I don't know why. Maybe it’s a sad memory.

J: And you’re afraid that if you look up you’ll see something sad?
L: Perhaps.

J: What would happen if you saw something sad?

L: It would not be a fun experience.

J: Would you still be safe?

L: Well yes.

J: And could you leave if you needed to? If it was too much?

L: Yes…

J: Are you curious to see what that sad memory might be, if maybe it has a message for you? Or maybe you could do some clearing for it.

L: Yes, I'm willing to try that.

J: Okay, just remember you are safe, and you can leave at any time that you wish, go ahead and try to look up and look around, and just welcome any information, feeling, images that come to you.

L: Well it does start to have some people, kind of like a courtyard, but they’re not paying any attention to me. They’re just going about their business. I’m alone. Maybe I'm… a beggar or something. Maybe I'm destitute. Because I don't have anything besides the clothes and my sandals. And nobody’s paying any attention to me.

J: How does that feel?

L: Absolutely horrendous. 

J: Do you want them to pay attention to you?
L: Yeah I want someone to help me, or say hi, give me a smile, give me a drink.

J: What happens next?

L: (pause) I'm just still sitting there. It’s like I'm invisible to the people that are right ten feet from me.

J: Is there something you can do? Is there anywhere you can go? If you were to stand on these marble stairs instead of sitting here, what would that feel like?

L: Hmm. Well, I’m thinking that I’m supposed to go take a bath or something, like go get in water. So maybe there’s a water bath, maybe it’s like… a public water bath area too. I don’t know.

J: Do you wanna go do that?
L: Yeah that’s always refreshing.

J: Okay. Well if that feels right, you can go there.

L: Okay. So I’m walking over to the water, it is like a small public bath, and it’s cool water cuz it’s a hot location, so it’s not a hot tub, it’s cool. So I climb in there, and yeah now I can see myself in there just feeling a lot better. Now some people are smiling at me cuz they’re in the water too.

J: Do you talk with any of these people?

L: We’re just smiling right now.

J: And what happens next?
L: It’s more of just…recognizing that this water is refreshing and so I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of it. It’s kind of like, it doesn’t feel like a modern jet thing but I can feel water moving around so maybe it’s like a natural spring or something.

J: What other thoughts do you notice coming into your mind as you enjoy this water?
L: (pause, breathing) I’m not sure. 

J: And what happens next?

L: It’s like I’m a slow moving person, so… I’m just there. I don’t do anything quickly. Maybe… maybe because I’m really hungry… I don't feel hungry. Maybe I’m old. Maybe i just don’t move quickly or do much quickly because I’m just old. But I don't feel old-old. I keep thinking when I look back at myself I have dark black hair and a black beard, so it’s not gray.

J: Is it okay that you’re moving slowly?

L: No… it’s like there’s something wrong still.

J: What do you think that is?

L: Hmm. So I don’t feel hungry but I do feel weak.

J: Are you sick perhaps?
L: I’m thinking so.

J: How long have you been sick?

L: A while. And nobody seems to know what it is. Maybe the steps were like… the place where I went to try to figure out why I'm sick. And they didn’t know. So I'm feeling really sad about it.

J: What makes you the most sad about it?

L: Well, I wanna feel better. I don’t like feeling sad, sick, lack of energy. And I’ve got more life to live… I don’t know what they told me, though.

J: What would you do with your life if you weren’t sick and weak? What would you like to be doing?
L: Hmm… Well, in that setting I would like to interact with people in a fun and joyous way. So the people here in the water with me, they’re smiling but we’re not really talking. I wonder if I am like a foreigner to this land? It’s like I don't know what they’re saying. Maybe I had to travel to get to this location, and the answer was not good.

J: Did you travel here to get answers about your illness?

L: It appears so.

J: Where did you come from?

L: Hmm. I’m not sure yet… i’m still just seeing this courtyard.

J: What else are you feeling in this moment? It can either be physical or emotional, if you need to scan your body you can. Notice your mind.

L: Maybe I'm… maybe I'm starving… I'm too thin. I’m not well. Maybe I came to this place to die. Maybe that was the best they knew.

J: How do you feel about dying? 

L: Well, it’s too soon.

J: What's too soon about it?

L: It's just not how I pictured my life, I wanted to do more things.

J: What things did you want to do?

L: I'm not sure if I have a family, like of my own. I feel like maybe whoever was around me I pushed away because of this illness or whatever this is. It's the depression. It’s … push people away because I didn't want to burden them, perhaps. So it’s depression because of illness. I just wanted to do more things, and whatever that was…

J: Would you like to move forward to the moment you die? Or would you like to see what happens next in this courtyard?

L: We can go to the moment where I pass in that lifetime.

J: Okay, and remembering that you’re perfectly safe, and your soul is eternal, go ahead and enter that moment where your life is drawing to a close, and just tune into how you feel and what you’re experiencing and where you are.

L: Well it’s kind of like a red cross set up where you’ve got like cots and there’s lots of people laying on cots, and I'm one of them. And these nurse type people are leaning over me with wash cloths, comforting me. It’s not scary. But I know I'm gonna die on this cot. And so are other people all around me.

J: And how are you feeling about that?

L: It's a weird sort of peacefulness because I know I'm not gonna survive whatever this is so I've come to an acceptance.

J: That's good.

L: Then the caretakers, they’re talking quietly. It’s not very loud in the room but it’s like a big indoor room and there’s lots of us in the same situation.

J: Dying of the same thing?
L: Yeah. It’s not war. It’s not bloody.

J: It’s an illness, like a plague maybe?
L: Maybe. It’s something they don’t know, something they don’t understand, so we’re all just being comforted.

J: How do you feel about, maybe you didn’t get to do some things you wanted to do in this life, how are you feeling about that?

L: It's alright. It's just my time to go.

J: How do you feel about the life you lived?

L: I feel like it was cut short. I was still young-ish, probably in my 30s.

J: Are you happy with what you did get to experience though or would you have done anything different?

L: I'm not sure. I'm not sure what I accomplished in that lifetime, or what I did, like what my life was like before the illness. I don’t know.

J: Do you feel like you would like a second chance?

L: Not if there’s this illness. This illness is… well it killed me. So. It's really devastating. And that seems to be where… I keep feeling that. How devastating it is. And the heaviness of that.

J: What's the most devastating about this?

L: It's just so much sadness, all these other people are dying too. We don’t understand what happened. We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t want it. It just happened.

J: Sometimes things just happen. Do you know that your soul will continue on eternally, and perhaps it's just time for this body’s journey to be done, so your soul can move on to the next part of its journey?

L: Yes.

J: And you’ll get a chance to re-experience life without this illness, to be able to accomplish things, that you do get that second chance?

L: Yes.

J: Can you tune into all those other people around you and see that they are all souls as well? That they are at the end with this body but not at the end of the journey with their soul?

L: Yes, I have that understanding and that experience.

J: And how does that feel?

L: Even though there’s such heaviness with the sadness of the end of life, there’s a… peacefulness knowing that this isn’t the end-all forever. It's just the end of what I know.

J: And would you like to step into that end of what you know and see what happens next?

L: I think I'm ready to leave this experience.

J: Okay. So go ahead and step back on that cloud. You can either draw your final breath in that body and allow it to close. Or if you’d like to go back to that cloud you can, if you’d like to just rise up out of this experience and see where you go next, you can. Where would you like to go?

L: I’m not sure… but at the moment there’s a feeling in my physical stomach. Not a nauseousness but like a little knot that just started, which is unusual.

J: What does that knot make you think of or make you feel like?

L: (chuckles) Now I'm hungry, I can feel that. That’s funny. My stomach is normally not a problem. So maybe I'm still experiencing the death of that particular lifetime as I look down on that body. It’s actually peaceful looking back at it. The caretakers have crossed my arms, my eyes are closed, and I'm peaceful, so it’s not horrendous. So I can leave that place now. So I'm back on the cloud.

I guide her back to the cloud and make suggestions that it is taking her to wherever she needs to be next.

L: Well, this is interesting, because I'm not on earth, I'm in the spirit world. So I'm not really a human form… I'm just a consciousness.

J: Do you want to explain a little more, what that feels like?

L: It's really cool, it’s really exciting because it’s not some place I go. I’m seeing the earth, i can look down I suppose, like look and I can see the earth, but I’m not on it. So I'm in this protected realm I suppose you could call it.

J: What else are you experiencing?

L: Maybe… well it feels like… this feels like home. This is comforting. No real things of earth, just… hmm… it’s hard to put in words. It’s just a floating feeling… and connection to I guess everything. But now I'm wondering… in this space, why I’m experiencing migraines in this current life, so it’s like I'm connected, and I don't know that answer yet.

J: What made you think of your migraines in this current life?

L: Being in this spirit realm is the freedom from the death of the sickly experience. And in the spirit realm it feels like this is freedom. This is the place of total freedom. No constraints, no illnesses, no pain. And so then that’s when I thought of the pain that this current lifetime—this body—experiences.

J: Why do you think the body experiences pain? You can either draw from the memory of the sickly man or tap into your own experience in the current lifetime you have. Maybe there are answers in a different memory if you’d like to explore that.

L: Yeah I'm wondering if I need to be in the spirit realm for that or if I need to go somewhere else. Let me hang out in the spirit realm and see. (chuckles) I'm kind of a, um… being of some sort. I’m not just a cloud, I'm a being, so at the moment, looking at myself I look like this long skinny thing (laughs) everything is long. Long legs, long arms, so still humanoid but not human. But I’m pondering, so like, I'm thinking. I’m the thinker doggonnit, no matter where i am I’m the thinker! (laughs) Alright so I'm always going to be pondering. So I would like to go somewhere that will help me unravel the migraine pains.

J: Okay, and that answer is in a different memory, or would this long skinny being have answers for you?

L: No, it’s still pondering, so it doesn’t have answers yet.

J: Okay, so I’d like you to tune into those migraines, and imagine those migraines attached to a long thread, taking you back to the source of where they started, where they came from, why they’re here, why you’re experiencing them. This thread will take you to all those answers. Go ahead and follow it, follow it all the way back to its origin.

L: Well that’s messy… It’s like, think of long strands of cooked spaghetti attached to my head, but there’s hundreds. And it goes all over the world. It’s overwhelming.

J: What are they all connected to? Can you maybe pick a couple of them and tune in?

L: Maybe. So now I’m that long skinny being, and now I’m holding my head as if I’m in a migraine, although I’m not feeling any pain. And… this long skinny being is having a migraine, so it’s very painful. Alright, so there’s hundreds… so… I’m not sure how to follow every single one of them, that’s too much. But they’re all connected down to that view of earth. So what I know I can do is kind of cut those strands, but I want to solve it, not just cut it. So… I’m not sure what to do.

J: What would happen, do you think, if you did cut them? What if cutting them is actually solving it?

L: I think I will cut them but there’s something I have to do first and that’s the mystery. So in this spirit realm I’m by myself. But not lonely, I'm just hanging out like a getaway location. I wonder… It feels like I have to do this by myself. It’s not something that any other being can do for me. So, I'm thinking there’s this image of, like a sparkler, like you know when it’s going out, like this golden light? Each one of these strands, starting at my head, that sparkling light is going down them.

J: What is that sparkling light?

L: I don’t know but it’s okay, it’s not dangerous. So it’s going down them right now away from my head, and all the way to every one of those origins. Wow, that’s pretty overwhelming. So it’s like I'm sending energy down those to wherever they’re connected, for whatever purpose.

J: Is this energy healing them?
L: Yeah. So I feel like as the sparkler-type energy is moving down the strands, then once it reaches the bottom—it’s not there yet—then that will sever that connection to my head. (Pause) Maybe that’s.. Huh I don’t know, there’s just something to do with pain, and I don't know why there’s hundreds, I don't understand that part.

J: What does pain mean to you? If you see someone else experiencing pain, what does pain mean?

L: Well, it’s suffering. There’s two types, there’s your physical pain and your mental pain. But they’re both suffering. So these strands, I don’t know if they’re a combination of those types of pain, but it made me have pain.

J: Do you feel it was necessary for you to experience that pain?

L: It’s like it just happened. I didn’t want it, it just happened.

J: Do you think you can still send that sparkling healing energy to the ends of those strands without you having to experience pain?

L: Yeah, it’s about 75% done, of the sparkler dissolving the strands.

J: What else are you experiencing?

L: Well, this long skinny being is feeling more relaxed. It’s still a little bit of confusion, like why? Why was this even happening and what's the purpose of all of that?

J: Would you like to find out?
L: Well, yeah

J: Are you able to do that now or should we wait for those sparklers to make it to the end of their ropes?
L: Well, they’re just about done, so let me just visualize that part.

I waited until she was ready, and as I waited I noticed a strange tingling sensation come over my head and begin to spread down through my body and down to my feet. It was a totally new experience for me, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was connected to the end of one of her “sparklers.”

L: (laughs) Some of them connected off of the earth. I just noticed that. But they’re all connected to me, so. Okay, they’re done.

J: Did you need to cut those cords?
L: They burnt off, so I don’t have to cut it.

J: Wonderful, so you’re free now. Do you feel any pain?

L: No… I’m kind of still surprised…

J: Cool, that’s okay. Go ahead and trace back to the purpose of this long skinny being’s healing that it just did. Where did that purpose originate from? Where did you come from?

L: Feels like… the purpose is to take the pain away from, not necessarily people, but just things. So I was a sponge, and a connection kind of like to soak up their pain. But it was too dangerous to hold on to so we have to let that out.

J: To allow everybody to feel their own pain? Is it your responsibility to take on everybody else’s pain?

L: It… it doesn’t seem like a responsibility, it just seems like an awareness.

J: Does it feel necessary for you to feel their pain?

L: I’m not sure…

J: Where are you right now?

L: I’m that long skinny being again, I’m just hanging out there in that spirit realm.

J: Where did this long skinny being come from?

L: I think it’s just the spirit realm, it’s just there in between human experiences. But once again I feel like a younger consciousness. Kind of like that Christopher Robin earlier.

J: How does that feel?

L: Well, ya know, it’s positive. It’s a nice wholesome feeling.

J: And you’re feeling that as this long skinny being?

L: Yeah, I'm still a little confused as to why those all had to be attached. They’re not attached, nothing’s coming back attached, but I'm just kind of, shaking my head going, “what was the point of all that?” I’m still a little confused, and I'm not worried, but I'm still there alone. And that’s not a problem either, I’m just there.

J: Here in this spirit world, are you attached to the All? Connected to the All, everything while you’re here? Do you feel that connection?
L: As I look around, I look away from the earth, look around, yeah it feels like there’s community of sorts. It’s… a form of home. So it’s kinda like a… hmm… it's kind of like a lesson or a math problem or something that I'm just trying to understand. And I'm curious, and I'm not ready to go ask anybody else yet (laughs). It’s like I'm trying to figure it out.

J: Well, what I'm wondering is, while you’re in that spirit realm, can you tap into that connection to the All? To that greater consciousness that you’re one with, and just allow those answers to come to you as though you already know? It’s already there?
L: (pause) Alright, so now it feels like whatever these limbs are that I have are holding hands with other similar beings. So we can tap in.

J: Would you like to do that?
L: Yeah I’m doing it. (long pause) I’m… it’s… it’s just like it’s in a process… (pause) It’s not really words, it’s maybe more like a vibration, a small hum happening.

J: And what does that hum mean to you or feel like to you?

L: It’s like a… perhaps like a healing, so all of us in this spirit realm are connected. Now we’ve kind of encompassed the whole Earth, because Earth is apparently the thing that we’re focused on. So we’re surrounding the whole Earth as like a soft touch to help the Earth.

J: Nice. And why is Earth the thing you’re supposed to be focusing on right now?

L: I don’t know, all those connections mostly were to Earth, those spaghetti noodles.

J: Do you feel like you were chosen for this, or you chose to do this?

L: Yeah and maybe that’s why I feel young, because I chose it and I'm trying to figure it out, it’s like I'm growing. But yet… I don't have all the answers. So I'm not the wise elder, I'm a young curious… whatever.

J: Is there a wise elder present or accessible to you?

L: Somewhere yeah. I know that. It’s like I know I can turn to something, I’m not alone. I am connected, and I am safe.

J: And what are you experiencing now?

L: Well, we all just disconnected from that covering of the earth and we’re all just floating back to wherever we go in the spirit realm.

J: What did you just do for the earth?

L: It seems like a blessing. Some sort of a healing blessing.

J: Why did you do that for the earth?

L: It seems like that’s what needed to happen after all those sparkler spaghetti noodles were severed, it needed one more step.

J: And now what’s going to happen with the Earth? Now that you’ve given that blessing?

L: I don’t know. Let’s just say it has a better chance.

J: A chance for what?

L: It’s own healing.

J: Does it need healing?

L: Yeah because all those spaghetti noodles were like, those were the pain. Every noodle was pain. And there was different kinds of pain.

J: That could definitely cause a migraine. Do you feel like you don’t need to carry that pain anymore, or feel the pain of all those spaghetti noodles?

L: I’m not sure… I think there’s something that is missing because that pain is not totally healed. It’s just, now it has a chance to heal. But I don't want that level of connection again, that’s too much.

J: What can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen again? Can you do something to protect yourself?

L: That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Maybe a deflection, like putting my hands out so it bounces off of my hands and back down, instead of coming to my head.

J: And is there a way that you can use that for your current physical body, so that that body doesn’t have to experience those migraines either? 

L: I’m not sure…

J: Do you think that’s why your current physical body is experiencing migraines? It has to do with all of those connections and spaghetti noodles?

L: I think so… because those noodles might… they’re not all at one time zone…

J: What do you mean by time zone?
L: Like it’s not all in the 1900s or the 2000s, it’s… different timelines.

J: They’re all connected to—

L: My head.

J: But to multiple other souls and beings? Or just to your soul and all the different timelines and time zones that your soul has been in?

L: I’m not sure… ‘Cause some of them when they got down to the part where they ended, I couldn’t see the exact end, I could just see the sparkler burning out. So I don't know. But I had a feeling some of them were other timelines of my soul. But I don't know that all of them were.

J: What would you like to learn now about these noodles or anything in general about your current life, any answers that you could get?

L: I’m not sure yet…

J: Where are you right now?

L: Now I'm back in that spirit world. I’m just observing that I don't have those connections anymore. So it’s a relief.

J: Good. And have you figured out a way to protect yourself from having to experience the suffering of any connections moving forward? Or do you think that’s gonna happen again?

L: Well I know I can surround myself in the protective white light and gold light, I know that.

J: Can you let your current physical body know that too?

L: Yes.

J: Good.

I brought her back to the cloud to travel to a different experience and asked her to let me know when she arrived.

L: I’m still kind of floating. Floating down.

J: Do you have a body?

L: Yeah, this time it feels female.

J: What do you look like?

L: Kind of like a fairy? (laughs) Like with a wand, ya know, and flowing robe.

J: And what does that feel like, to be this fairy?

L: Well, I’m not young, I’m more of an adult…

J: Have you arrived at a location?

L: I’m trying to land…

J: Do you notice your surroundings?

L: It keeps changing… Sometimes there’s water and a boat, sometimes there’s a forest, sometimes there’s, like… log cabins… It’s not one place… It’s like I can turn and look and see a whole different place every time my eyes land somewhere else.

J: Would you like to choose one of these places to stop and explore?

L: Okay. (long pause) Well, I’m outside. It’s daylight. But it’s… not one particular place, still. It’s like I’m at an in-between zone.

J: Are you still that fairy?

L: Yeah. I’m not sure why I’m in this in-between zone. It’s not the spirit world at all, it’s close to a solid location but not quite.

J: Maybe that’s just where you exist as a fairy?

L: Yeah, maybe… maybe I can look at any location as I think of it.

J: Does that feel right?

L: Yeah, it’s a peacefulness, like what I do.

J: What do you do?

L: I can see into other realms… What’s the purpose? I do not know.

J: Would you like to find out?

L: Yeah.

I made suggestions that the knowing will come to her, or she’ll come to the answer.

L: Well, it’s very interesting… ‘Cause the way I look is the way … is the image of the cover of a book that a priest friend wrote. He’s in his 80s. He was my art teacher, and we’ve stayed friends. And he’s very spiritual. So I’m connecting with him but I look like the fairy on the cover of his book, and he called that the North Star.

J: Wow, what does that mean to you?

L: Well, I know I’m connected with him because he saved my life, so there’s a deep connection with his soul. I’m not sure what else it means.

J: What happens next?

L: We have connected, we’re just kind of talking, smiling, it’s a very comforting exchange. And we’re kind of like in a cabin, maybe that cabin that I was seeing.

J: Are you still that fairy?
L: Yeah, and he looks like he does in this human existence.

J: What are you saying to each other?

L: Talkin’ about the spirits, and how cool it is that we can help people and connect with people.

J: And what can you learn in this conversation, in this moment with him? Or what would you like to ask him?

L: I’m not really sure, it’s just the being, that we’re being there and we both know… the knowing that we understand. ‘Cause he does the same thing. He’s always helping people. So we’re like, twin flames or something like that. We’re connected. So it’s like a reunion I guess. Comforting like we’re hanging out having a nice time. I’m not sure there’s anything he needs to tell me but I will definitely listen if there is.

J: You came here seeking for a knowing, or an understanding of what your purpose is or what you’re doing. Do you think you’ve accessed that?

L: Yeah. He just put his hands on my head, so he’s giving me a little blessing. I don’t know what he’s saying, but I know it’s a blessing.

J: What are you feeling?

L: Um… I don’t feel any particular thing… But I am allowing the receiving.

J: Good. Can you take that blessing with you into this current human existence?

L: Yeah, I think that’s what he’s done, he just transferred something to me. And now I do feel it going inside me, into my torso, like inhabiting my torso in a really lovely way.

J: And what can you do with this?

L: Well, I know I’m a healer and I know I’m in this Earth for this experience, for healing. So I will use that to continue to heal. It’s just… what I do (chuckles).

J: And do you think you can take your new knowledge of protection from that long skinny being so that when you continue to do your healing, you don’t have to take on the pain of others?
L: Yeah, maybe that’s why he blessed me…

J: What are you experiencing now? 

L: Well, I’m still that fairy being, but I’m totally tuned into the torso and aware of its awesomeness, like pounding heart but it’s not over-pounding, it’s just full in a good way.

I asked if there’s anywhere else she’d like to go or anything else she’d like to know, and she said no, she was happy with what she gained. I made suggestions that she brought back with her everything she learned and gained from the experience, all the wisdom and healing, back to her present reality.

It’s interesting to see the energetic source of our physical pains, and I love how hypnosis is such a powerful way to do that. Not all physical ailments originate from physical sources, and when we can learn more about the true source, we can learn more about ourselves and work toward healing.

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