War, Protests, and Releasing an Entity Attachment

War, Protests, and Releasing an Entity Attachment

Sunny booked a session out of curiosity and was open to the many possibilities these sessions have to offer. This was definitely an interesting experience, and my first time working with a possible entity attachment. I can’t be sure that’s what actually happened, but the important thing is that Sunny left the session feeling clear and free.

S: I’m on a cobblestone road.

J: What else do you notice around you?

S: A bunch of buildings… old buildings… a bakery.

J: Are you male or female?

S: Female.

J: Can you see what you’re wearing?

S: One of those old fashioned dresses with an apron. I’m heavy set. Probably about 60… 50, 60…

J: And what are you doing?

S: Stocking bread outside in the baskets on the sidewalk.

J: You work at this bakery?

S: I think I am the baker.

J: What else do you notice?

S: There's a lot of people walking, and traffic. Carriages. I feel pretty chill.

J: You like your job, your environment?

S: I believe so, I don’t feel any negative on it.

J: Do you have a family?
S: I don’t sense that I do.

J: Have you ever had a family?

S: Hmm-mm. I don’t think I have. I guess I’m just kinda lonely. I don’t feel lonely though.

J: What happens next?

S: I’m just still goin’ about on my daily… with the bakery… that’s about it. I just still seem to be in the middle of the bakery… just kinda watching things.. Kinda boring but a succeeding feeling.

I invited her to condense time to speed forward to a significant event.

S: The bakery’s closed down.

J: After hours or closed for good?

S: Good.

J: What happened?

S: I feel like bankruptcy? But I don’t know what happened. I’m kinda just staring at the door in disbelief.

J: Would you like to know what happened or would you like to move forward?

S: I wouldn’t mind knowing what happened.

I invited her to allow herself to travel back to the answers, allowing the information to surface in her mind.

S: The war. It feels like there’s a war going on. I’m not part of it or anything. No fighting nearby but I think it affected the shop.

J: Did it affect any other shops and businesses too?

S: I’m looking around… it does seem pretty dead. Earlier it was pretty busy. Now there’s not much going on.

J: How do you handle this situation?

S: I’m not handling it… I don’t know… there’s a feeling, a disbelief really.

J: What happens next?

S: Nothing… I’m still… just there.

J: Would you like to stay here or move to a different experience?

S: Let’s move to something else.

I asked if she wants to move to a significant event in this lifetime or go to an entirely different memory. She decided to stay in this lifetime. I invited her to allow the world around her to fade away and reform in a significant event in the future of that lifetime.

S: A huge field… but with… injured and dead soldiers. I’m there, still wearing that dress and apron, but it’s all bloody now.

J: How did you get there?
S: I don’t know… but I’m helping people.

J: What do you notice about how you’re feeling about this experience?

S: Anxious. Just trying to help who I can but really can’t do much.

J: Would you like to know how you wound up with this responsibility? This role?

S: Yeah.

I invited her to let the information surface in her mind.

S: It’s almost like I saw an ad… not an ad, that sounds weird… asking for volunteers. I think that’s just what it was. I had nothing else to do, so…

J: How did you feel when you responded to that need for volunteers?

S: I don't know if excited is the word? Excited sounds kind of morbid. I knew what I was walking into.

J: Maybe filled with purpose?

S: Yeah, that’s exactly it. Purpose.

J: So you’re in this field. What happens next?

S: I just keep helping people, running amuck—everyone. That’s about it, it just keeps repeating itself.

J: Is this close to your home or did you have to travel to get here?

S: I don’t know… in my mind it’s like I just turned a corner and I was there.

J: That’s how your memories work, but you also have in your memory how you got there. Does it feel far away from home?

S: No… No, it almost feels like I can just… go home, take a shower, and come back. But I don’t see a home, that’s just how I feel. Just a field. That’s all I can see. And a bunch of people.

J: And what happens next?

S: I have an armful of sheets that I’m just… tossing over people… As a way of like to count the dead.

J: How does that feel?

S: Empty. I’m just doing a task. Almost like I’m just… desensitized at that point.

J: And is that okay? To be desensitized?

S: I think so.

J: Would you like to move forward to another significant event? Or stay here and explore it more?

S: Another event.

I invited her to condense time, allowing the images to fade away and reform, taking new shape in the next significant event in this lifetime.

S: She’s stickin around.

J: She, is you?

S: Yeah, the old chubby lady. I dunno, it’s like, black all around but she’s, like, there, for me.

J: What do you think that means?

S: I don’t know… maybe she’s not finished?

J: What would she have to do to be finished?

S: I dunno.. It’s weird… it’s like she’s just staring at me… it’s like I’m looking from above… or through my eyes to her, not the other way around.

J: Do you think she has something to say to you?

S: I’m guessing… I don’t understand why she isn’t leaving…

J: Would you like to find out?

S: Yeah.

J: Would you like to ask her, or allow her to speak?

S: She’s moving her lips but I can’t hear her…

J: Are you getting any other sense? Any feelings?
S: Aggravation.

J: How do you think she feels?

S: Probably the same because we can’t communicate. How’s this part blocked, but everything else… weird…

J: What if you knew?

S: I don’t know… (pause) I dunno… it’s just, we’re still just looking at each other and she’s talking, there’s nothing else, and I can’t hear her.

J: Would you like to hear her?

S: Yeah I would.

J: Can you let her know you’re having trouble hearing her? Maybe suggest finding a new way to communicate?

S: I think she’s doing charades almosts. I dunno, this is uncomfortable.

J: Would you like to leave, or find a new way to figure this out?

S: I kinda want to figure it out.

J: Does this woman still feel like you, or does she feel like someone else?

S: Someone else.

J: Did it feel like you in the memory, and now she feels like… not you?

S: Right. It’s very odd.

J: Do you feel like it’s something that needs to be let go, or set free?

S: Like, not figure out what she’s trying to say?

J: Possibly? It sounds like she has something to say, but that’s up to you.

S: It’s going to drive me mad not knowing, but I don’t know that I’m going to figure it out either.

I invited her to take a nice deep breath and sink back into relaxation, and then reminded her of how she had an inner knowing in her past life memory, and just the same, to allow that knowing to surface again, along with the trust that she knew the answers, and use that same sense to tune into what this woman is trying to say. To just let things appear and surface, maybe not in the form of words, but to allow it to surface in some form of knowing.

S: I don’t know… it’s almost like flashes…

J: Flashes of what?

S: I think I’m someone else. Is that possible?

J: Yeah, anything’s possible. Who are you now?

S: A younger girl… definitely in the 70s…

J: Where are you?

S: Protesting.

J: What are you protesting?

S: Something about the government?

J: Is the woman gone?

S: Hmm… no? I still, like, see her image, but it’s not like she’s there, it’s almost like a memory. I’m this girl, I’m looking through her eyes.

J: Allow that woman to just take a backseat, knowing you’ll get those answers when the answers are appropriate to come. What’s happening for this young girl?

S: She’s loud.

J: How are you feeling?

S: Pissed? Kinda pissed. Like my rights are being… taken advantage of or… I don’t know… but I don’t know what rights or anything.

J: Would you like to know?

S: Yeah.

I invited her to allow that part of her memory to surface, how the protest started and where this feeling came from.

S: Another war. They’re talking about war.

J: And how were your rights affected?

S: I don’t think they were necessarily my rights, but my beliefs.

J: What beliefs were those?

S: We shouldn’t go to war and force young men to go to war?

J: Do you know any young men that had to go?

S: I feel like I do, but not… anyone too close…

J: What happens next?

S: Someone’s going up to the podium to speak.

J: What are they saying?

S: I don’t know…

J: Would you like to stay here and find out?

S: It’s really weird. It’s like I’m seeing everything but everything's quiet. There’s action there’s talking but I don’t… almost like that lady. Yeah I don’t like this feeling.

J: Would you like to rise above it so that you’re detached from the feeling and you can see what happens next? Or would you like to leave?

S: Let’s rise above it.

I invited her to rise up out of the scene, safe and disconnected from the feelings.

S: There’s a riot.

J: What happens next?

S: Brute force… is being taken on the people… I don't like this, I wanna leave. I want out.

J: You can leave, you’re always in control.

S: I think I’m done. I still have that feeling and I don’t like it.

J: What feeling is that?

S: Scared, anxious.

J: What are you scared of?

S: Getting hurt?

J: Can you get hurt when you’re above this right now? Disconnected? Your soul is free, above all this.

S: My soul is, but my body is down there.

J: Do you think you get hurt?
S: I do… get hurt. I just see me on the ground now, being trampled.

J: Do you survive this?

S: No.

J: How does that feel?

S: Now it just feels like I just watched a movie, like I don’t feel personally attached. I just feel like I watched a movie.

J: You’re not personally attached. Your soul can never be hurt. That was just an experience your soul had in a body, and now you’ve moved on to a new experience. You’re completely free.

S: It’s all fading.

J: How are you feeling, disconnected from that body and experience, as just a free soul? How does that feel?

S: Now it’s like it’s all faded, I feel better. Calm.

J: You feel safe?

S: Mm hmm.

J: You are safe. 

I believe it was important for her to work through this. She expressed that she wanted out, but I believe she needed to connect to the awareness that she wasn’t reliving that experience, that she was in control and detached from it. She moved through it and found a sense of peace and safety afterward, and I think it was important that she found that, rather than running away from the experience before having the chance to work through it. Part of releasing traumas involves accepting what happened, and then recognizing that it was in the past, and you are in the present, safe and free. She made it through the past events, and arrived at a place where she was able to recognize safety and freedom in the present moment, and therefore release what happened.

J: Would you like to explore a new memory?

S: No, I don’t think so.

J: Would you like to go anywhere else, even if it isn’t a memory? Something safe, something fun?

S: No, I think I’m good.

I brought her back, and she told me she could still feel that lady with her, like she was watching her. It made her really uncomfortable and was bothering her, and I felt I couldn’t end the session without addressing it. I explained to her a concept, which I do believe, that spirits, entities, or energies can attach themselves to us, and usually that happens during states of heightened emotion and when we’re feeling vulnerable or weak, and the energy attaching itself will match the energy you carry. So if you’re in a lower or darker state, a lower or darker energy can attach itself to you, especially if you’re experiencing vulnerability. If this was the case, I wanted to be sure she had the chance to release it. Unsure if that’s what happened or was what was going on, she at least wanted to try to release it just in case. She agreed to go back under, and went back into the hypnosis rather quickly.

I invited the woman back in, and asked Sunny to let me know when she arrived.

S: She’s there.

J: What’s she doing this time?
S: Still surrounded by black, staring at me.

J: How is that feeling?

S: Just very anxious.

J: You feel that way or she feels that way or both?

S: I think it’s just me. She’s looking defeated, like she knows that I can’t hear her.

J: Do you feel it’s important to know what she has to say?

S: Not anymore.

J: Can you let her know that? That it doesn’t matter, what she has to say?

S: I told her.

J: Just tune in to how she feels, her facial expressions, her body language, since you can’t hear her. How does she respond to that?

S: Frustrated but, giving up.

J: Do you want to let her know anything? Anything you have to say to her?

S: I just basically told her I appreciate what she’s shown me but it’s time for us to just… she go, I go.

J: How does she respond to that?

S: She’s just kinda lookin’ off to the side. Not really looking at anything.

J: Does she look like she wants to go?

S: I don’t know, she kinda looks sad but… once again, defeated.

J: Do you feel you have enough of a connection to her to understand why she feels sad? Maybe a connection to when you were reliving her memory?

S: This is just a thought that keeps popping in my head but… My grandma’s brother… he died in the war. Never met him obviously. I don’t know why he keeps popping up. I have no connection to him.

J: He’s popping up for a reason.

S: Just his memory, not him.

J: Your conscious mind will like to try to explain or negate things, so if your conscious mind tries to ask questions or step in or judge or feel skeptical, just let it talk and then fade to the background. Anything is possible here.

S: I almost feel like… almost like she’s connected to him, maybe she helped him… or not helped him, but… oh shit, I just thought of her throwing the white sheet… over him… Because he died in the war, on the battlefield…

J: Do you think she threw a sheet over him too?

S: It just makes sense. It’s almost like I had an epiphany.

J: Yeah, go with it. How’s she feeling now?

S:  (sounding amazed) I can hear her…

J: What’s she saying?

S: He died quick. That’s it, she’s just walking away now.

J: Let her go, watch her go until she’s completely gone.

S: She’s slow… (pause) She’s gone. Oh I’m excited (her voice matched her excitement)

J: Sink into that feeling of your energy being yours. Let yourself feel free, let yourself feel safe, let yourself feel whole. Just really sink into that feeling, and any other feelings that come with it. What are you noticing in this moment?

S: I’m content. Just calm. That’s about it.

J: Is there anything else you’d like to experience while you’re here?
S: No.

She was ready to come back, so I brought her back, and we discussed what happened. Perhaps it wasn’t an entity attachment, or maybe it was. And we may never have any way of knowing, but what she experienced was real for her, and what happened was a perfect example of letting the subconscious mind, or higher self, speak. Allowing that inner voice to come through with the answers. That’s exactly what she did, and she transformed an anxious, uncomfortable feeling into that of awareness and excitement and, ultimately, freedom.

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