My Download from the Collective

This is my Download from the Collective.

I am following the concepts of Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Big Magic, as well as the 100th monkey theory, and any author, including myself, who said it like JK Rowling says - “the idea just fell into my head.” 

How, though? How does an idea fall into one’s head?

We are all connected. The Law of One will tell you this. Hermetic Philosophy will tell you this. We are all connected energetically, all pieces of the same Source. That Collective Consciousness that we all came from and are all eventually returning to is what we are able to tap into, or, in other circumstances, what taps into us.

I am an author of a story that goes behind the scenes of our physical reality. I share my concepts of how miracles take place, and what happens while we’re dying, especially if we’re dying alone. Here’s the thing, though. The character who makes what we see as “miracles” happen, introduced herself to me. I didn’t make her up. She popped into my head one day, similarly to how Rowling said Harry just fell into her head, and I felt I needed to tell her story. She told me her name was Stephanie, and she had the ability to heal fatal injuries. She brought one of my main characters back to life. I didn’t make up the story, I just told it.

I think many of us have tapped into the Collective in this way. Most creatives have experienced this. So if Rowling’s story came from the Collective, and Gilbert’s story came from the Collective, and my story came from the Collective, what exactly IS going on in the Collective? Is this the field that psychics are naturally connected to? Is this what we’re ALL connected to as children, and as we experience the conditioning of our physical reality, we lose that connection and we enter adulthood?

What IS the Collective? Is THAT our Source Energy? Or is it just a piece of consciousness from Source? Is it divine? Is it tangible? Does it exist on a certain plane or dimension?

I believe it is what connects us to one another. How you can be thinking of someone, and that person calls you soon after. How you can have a question, then suddenly the answer to that question makes its way into casual conversation. If you pay close attention, these synchronicities are everywhere, all the time. The more you pay attention, the more they happen. This is what James Redfield explains in The Celestine Prophecy, another story I believe was downloaded from the Collective. Things we call “coincidence” are NOT coincidence.

So let’s dive deeper. What ARE we downloading, when we authors suddenly have a story “fall into our heads”? And why?

Elizabeth Gilbert explains that when the Divine, or the Collective, has a message to convey, they will choose a conduit to share that message. They chose Rowling as their conduit for the story of Harry Potter. They chose me for the story of The Transcendent. They chose Leonardo DiVinci, they chose Michaelangelo. They chose Beethoven. They chose Rembrandt. Siddhartha. Galileo. Einstein. Mother Teresa. Martin Luther King, Jr. The list goes on and on. Someone got divinely inspired, and they did everything in their power to beat the odds and get that inspiration into physical reality, whether it was a story, an invention, a sculpture, a song, a painting, a theology, an astronomical discovery, a physical theory, an example, a speech with a message.

These divine inspirations went on to change the world in small and large ways. But is there more to some of these forms of art and creativity than just entertainment? Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa made a powerful impact for change. Galileo and Einstein changed the way we think. But Beethoven? Rembrandt? JK Rowling? Isn’t that just entertainment?

Or is it?

What if the Collective is trying to share a message in ALL of these forms? What if Rowling and King are one in the same? Their downloaded messages were both conveyed through words, but King’s was in the form of a more direct and literal speech, while Rowling’s were in the form of indirect entertainment. Does that make the message that the Collective is trying to convey any less important?

We heard King loud and clear. The words he shared have been actively lived ever since he spoke them. But what about Rowling? Are we just simply being entertained?

Or are we being warned?

Look how closely her story connects to our reality. Mind control through the Imperius Curse. Manipulation through fear mongering. Delores Umbrindge taking over the schools, taking away their local power, mandating regulations and establishing more and more ridiculous rules and tyranny, indoctrinating the students and censoring the truth. What if our reality plays out in the way Rowling’s story tells? What if we simply need to kill the evil within ourselves, and allow what’s left to backfire on itself?

It’s no secret that everyone is seeing correlations to many forms of entertainment. The Hunger Games. The Maze Runner. A Handmaid’s Tale. Fahrenheit 451. Animal Farm. The Giver. The list goes on and on. Everyone can see how these stories either correlate to our reality, or how our reality can easily become any of these stories.

What about what’s going on behind the scenes, right under our noses? How many times has Disney warned us of the corruption? Monsters, Inc. Tangled. How many times have they given us direction? Inside Out. Soul.

And if all of these forms of entertainment are actually messages from the Collective, whether they be warnings or guidance on how to prevail over evil and corruption, then what else are we being taught through entertainment? Is Marvel trying to educate us more so than entertain us? They’re not the only ones to share concepts of a Multiverse. These entertaining storylines could actually be important education of what lies beyond the physical reality our limited human minds can perceive.

Madeleine L’Engle’s young adult novel (or should I say, “download”?) A Wrinkle In Time is a prime example of a message for the future. Published in the 1970s, this story connects strangely well to what is going on right now. There is a dark shadow of evil trying to encircle the earth. Other planets have already “given in”, and its inhabitants are under complete mind control, with no free will. Yet lightworkers are always fighting, always ready to overcome that evil. Is the roadmap to how to overcome this evil written in plain sight, in the pages of her own download from the Collective? Is the answer to just be light? Because light dispels darkness. Darkness cannot exist where there is light. And what is light? It is love.

These are the teachings of Ra in The Law of One. Light. Love. Wisdom. They are all connected. They are all one. Ra says the Earth evolved into 4th Density consciousness in 2012, making our planet inhabitable by 4th density beings. This is where that Love and Light becomes more powerful. This is where we have a chance to dispel that darkness.

The work of Dolores Cannon says that we souls were very eager to come to this planet at this time. “What am I doing here?” I often wonder. Was I crazy to incarnate at a time like this? It’s so heavy. It’s too much. But maybe I’m supposed to be here. Maybe you’re supposed to be here. Maybe we’re the ones who can finally be the light.

But just like Harry Potter had to recognize that the evil he is trying to fight is inside of him, too, we need to recognize that that evil is also within us. What is that evil? Fear. That is how the evil is winning - it is instilling fear in all of us. The way to win is to dispel the fear. How do we dispel fear?

We love.

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  • Very well written and thought provoking. It’s rare to find other people that think like this! If we all don’t wake up soon it’s going to be very very tragic! Fear being the enemy is exactly right!

    Cari Manning on

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