Frequently asked questions - Expanded Healing Hypnosis

Sessions are 90 minutes long. In the first 10-20 minutes we will discuss highlights and key points in your current life in which you’d like to gain more understanding, then you'll spend about an hour under hypnosis. The remaining 10-20 minutes will be spent discussing your experience and integrating it into your current life.

You can expect it to feel like a deep guided meditation, where you sink into a relaxation similar to how it feels just before you fall asleep. 

You will always be in control! You may be deeply relaxed, but you cannot do or say anything that goes against your will, morals, or values.

See above - if it goes against your morals or values, your mind will reject it. I cannot make suggestions to change your thinking or your habits without your consent.

Don’t worry, your subconscious mind will only allow you to see what you can emotionally and mentally handle. Any tragedies or traumas will not be revealed if it’s not conducive to the best results for the session.

For best results, go in with an open mind. Images will form or sensations or messages will come during the session, but it may feel like you’re just experiencing an overactive imagination. Don’t overthink it or judge it - allow these seemingly "imaginary" experiences to flow through. This is your intuition, or your Higher Self, speaking, and if you’re not used to receiving messages, it might feel odd or silly. An open mind is key!

I have found that those who struggle with control in their life do have a harder time allowing themselves to go into deeper states of hypnosis, or with being able to see or experience any images or senses. If this happens, I have tools to explore the blocks and gain deeper understanding to what's holding you back not only in the hypnosis but in life itself.

I am equipped with techniques to help you reach a deep state of relaxation, but it is up to you how deep you allow that to go. You can still have a successful hypnosis experience even in a surface-level state of relaxation. There is no guarantee that you will experience a past life, but I trust that what happens in the session is meant for your highest good, and you will come away with a deeper understanding of yourself.

You don't have to believe in past lives in order for this to work. In fact, hypnosis works regardless of religious or personal beliefs, no different than dreaming happens regardless of your beliefs! Even if you believe that what you see during hypnosis is all in your imagination, the important thing to know is that your subconscious mind is showing it to you for a reason, and the symbolism you find in the experience can offer guidance to help you or inspire you in your current life.