Jami Christine

The Interactive Journaling Method

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What is keeping you from igniting your Spiritual Journey?

The path to our inner Truth lies behind the walls we create in our subconscious mind.

Over the course of the program, you'll be guided toward spiritual growth and self-discovery through Jami Christine's Interactive Journaling Method

Journaling is a powerful therapeutic tool in and of itself. But, how much more powerful could it be if your journal could respond to the thoughts and feelings you divulge within it?

In the Interactive Journaling experience, Jami will first learn a bit about your goals for the interactions through a short questionnaire. From there, she will provide you with several journaling prompts that will serve as a reflecting pool into your subconscious. 

You are encouraged to write every day, and, twice a week, Jami will respond with in-depth insight and further questions to help deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom.

Four different options are available to customize your experience to suit your needs. Need help processing a challenge that just arose in your life? One week with two correspondences might be a perfect fit. Struggling to overcome a larger obstacle in life, and want to gain more clarity on the lessons that obstacle is trying to teach you? Let’s dive deep with 4 or 12 weeks. 

Take the next step to becoming a better you!