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Free Worksheet

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Thank you for reading Transcend Your Story! As a gift to show my appreciation, I have created this free worksheet to help guide you through some self-reflection of your own healing journey.

As an additional thank-you, you may download a free sample PDF of The Transcendent here.

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As I said in Chapter 3, "Where you are in healing from your own story will determine the level of positive impact your story has on your readers."

Letting go of attachments to outcomes, finding forgiveness, and appreciating that everything happens for a beneficial reason, are just a few tools to finding a positive place of healing, so that your story ends in a place that is healing, uplifting, and inspiring to your readers.

This worksheet is a useful tool for those who aren't aspiring authors, as well. The more we heal on our own journeys, the more we become a light in the lives of people around us.

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