Jami Christine

Spiritual Life Coaching | 60 Minute Session

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Spirituality is that inner knowing, that discovery for yourself, what it means to be alive. What gives your life meaning? What builds your personal power? Spiritual Life Coaching empowers you to live your life with confidence.

Life Coaching is a unique service that guides you through the journey of life's challenges, helping you realize you already have the answers within yourself, and building your confidence in trusting your internal guidance system to navigate life's future challenges. Jami Christine takes this a step further. Having navigated her own valleys and mountains, Jami found that true emotional freedom comes from being able to look back on life's most difficult, darkest moments with gratitude and appreciation. That these moments happen FOR you, not TO you. She knows that the darkness we experience is a gift to show us how bright we can truly shine, and she is equipped and ready to inspire you to shine that light.

What To Expect:

  • Addressing your goals, obstacles, and blocks
  • Becoming aware of your negative self talk and limiting beliefs
  • Not only finding ways through your obstacles, but understanding WHY your obstacles exist
  • Connecting this understanding to future obstacles, in order to see the value in the lessons life has to offer
  • Finding and understanding the inner workings of your soul and your purpose